Farrah Fawcett has died

on Friday, June 26, 2009

I just heard on my local news on ABC, that Farrah Fawcett has died. I was in the process of writing the article below, when I learned of Farrah's death. Farrah may have died but her memory will live on, rest in peace Farrah Fawcett.

Barbara Walters devoted a portion of ABC's The View, to the 70's icon, Farrah Fawcett. It seems that Farrah is on her death bed, she has only a few hours to live.

Farrah Fawcett, 62, was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006. Farrah's fight with cancer is almost over. She is in her final hours. A Priest has been called to give Farrah Fawcett her last rites. She is surrounded by her friends. Hearing this news just breaks my heart. I, like a lot of other's out there, grew up watching Farrah Fawcett, she became a part of the family. She will be missed.

Those who are at Farrah Fawcett's bedside include her love, Ryan O'Neal, Mela Murphy, close friend and hairdresser, and friend, Alana Stewart. Farrah and Ryan's 24 year old son, Redman O'Neal, is incarcerated in California for drug possession, so he is unable to be with Farrah in her final hours. Farrah Fawcett's son was released on Friday to visit her one last time, to say his goodbye's to his mother.

- examiner

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Michael Jackson dies leaving legacy of award-winning music

Michael Jackson, who died today at age 50, ruled the music world throughout the 1980s, selling millions of records and concert tickets and dubbing himself the "King of Pop." And while Michael Jackson won multiple times at such popularity contests as the American Music Awards and the MTV Awards, he also earned the respect of his peers in the music industry with his 13 Grammy Awards.

Michael Jackson Grammy Awards Thriller Death News 1357986 After striking out on his own from the Jackson Five, Jackson won his first Grammy in 1980 for best R&B male vocal performance ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"). That track from his chart-topping "Off the Wall" album also contended for best disco recording.

"Thriller" – his second solo effort as an adult – was released in November 1982 and spent a record 37 weeks at No. 1, producing an unparalleled seven Top 10 singles. In March 1983, Jackson debuted his moonwalk dance to "Billie Jean" on the TV special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." Michael Jackson earned an Emmy nod for best performance in a variety or music program. He lost to opera diva Leontyne Price for her concert with the New York Philharmonic on "Live From Lincoln Center."

At the Grammys in February 1984, Jackson shared in seven of the eight awards won by the album (the exception was for best engineered recording). Michael Jackson shared the wins for album of the year and producer of the year (non-classical) with "Thriller" collaborator Quincy Jones, who also produced his Grammy-winning children's recording "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial."

For the three chart-topping singles off the album, Jackson won Grammy Awards for male vocal performance in an unprecedented three genres – R&B ("Billie Jean"), rock ("Beat It") and pop ("Thriller"). He shared in the record of the year win for "Beat It" with the production team. And as the songwriter, he picked up a Grammy for penning the best R&B tune ("Billie Jean"). However, Sting's "Every Breath You Take" edged out two Jackson compositions – "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" – for song of the year.

Jackson's total of eight Grammy wins in one night broke the record set in 1965 by Roger Miller, who'd won six awards, most for the country hit "King of the Road." And the eight Grammys awarded to "Thriller" was another record haul as well. Both of these achievements were tied by Santana and the album "Supernatural" in 1999.

Michael Jackson won another Grammy the following year in the category of best video album for the film that documented the making of the landmark "Thriller" video. That $500,000, 14-minute video, directed by John Landis, told the story of a boy (Jackson) and girl enjoying a date until he turns into a singing, dancing werewolf.

In 1986, Jackson and Lionel Richie won the song of the year Grammy for the charity single "We Are the World," which also took home record of the year. As Jackson was one of the pioneers of the music video, it seems appropriate that the last two Grammys he won were for that medium. In 1989 he and his team won the short form video award for "Leave Me Alone" off his follow-up album "Bad." And in 1995 he and his sister Janet Jackson shared in the short form winning "Scream" from his double album "HIStory."

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Who is Albert Tiny Manzo

on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who is Albert Tiny Manzo, was he mafia, and what is Tiny’s relation to Tommy and Caroline on Real Housewives of New Jersey? Albert Tiny Manzo is brought up in tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion.

Caroline and Dina say they are unhappy that press are suggesting that Albert Tiny Manzo was murdered in a “mob-style hit” in 1983. Caroline says “it makes me feel horrible that it was even brought up.” Caroline reveals tonight how her father in law’s body was discovered on her birthday and that her husband bought he a ring to help make he forget the tragedy.

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“And I looked at him dead in the eye and I said I love you, and I love your father, and I am proud to be his daughter-in-law.”

Danielle reportedly adds:

“Was it my father-in-law that was killed and shoved into a trunk? I’m dangerous? I knew about this through the whole show. I didn’t bring it up once. I’m classy.”

How has the press portrayed Tiny Manzo? Before the series premiered the New York Daily News called Tiny a “mobster” claiming the following:

Sisters Dina and Caroline Manzo …. Their father-in-law, Albert (Tiny) Manzo, was executed mob-style in August 1983, after he and Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi were suspected of skimming from a mob casino on Staten Island.

“A couple of weeks later, they found Tiny Manzo in the trunk of his car,” recalled Robert Buccino, a New Jersey organized crime expert.

The 350-pound mobster took four slugs to his torso. His naked body - the arms and legs bound in plastic - was discovered in the trunk of his parked Lincoln-Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, N.J.

The killing was never solved.

The report went on to explain that Tiny owned the Brownstone Restaurant, featured in the show, now operated by his sons Albert and Tommy, married to Dina and Caroline.

Another report says a case that went to the state Supreme Court ruled his window could not collect on a life insurance policy since Tiny at 350 lbs had lied on his application about not having diabetes.

- lalate

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Jodi Arias Travis Alexander!

PHOTO! Here is a picture plus video of Jody Arias featured on 48 Hours tonight. The Travis Alexander Jodi Arias case is reexamined tonight, Alexander found dead June 9, 2008 in his home, five days after one single shot to the face and multiple stabs to the body.

Arias quickly denied involvement but admitting to being in the home on June 4. She is now faces first degree murder charges in a case that won’t start until 2010.

But tonight, Arias remains in a Phoenix jail maintaining her innocence. She tells 48 Hours’ Maureen Maher in a broadcast this evening she believes she will prove her innocence:

“I’ve been sitting a lot in my cell thinking what a waste. You know, I did have my whole future ahead of me, a career a marriage and a family. I had everything to lose and nothing to gain if I killed Travis.

“I go from one end of the spectrum to being very afraid and feeling very hopeless to another end to where a deep sense of peace comes over me and realize that no matter what happens, everything is gonna work out. And it’s gonna be OK.”

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Demi Moore Bush Pic?

on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh boy. Actress Demi Moore may be regretting a photo she took back in the 1980s that revealed a little too much of the star after people started frantically searching for the picture.

image hosted by ImageVenue.com

The latest search term buzz on the internet is cleverly titled 'Demi Moore Bush pic', thanks to Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central's Tosh.0 internet-based show.

So what is the 'Demi Moore Bush pic'? Does is somehow have to do with the actress and the former president of the United States, George Bush? You'd think so - but this search has a far more crude meaning.

The search is for a picture of Demi Moore with full-frontal exposure. We have provided a link to the NSFW photo of Demi's 'Hairy Bush' photo. Use at your own discretion!

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Jennifer Miller Jewelry Stores

Jennifer Miller appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about her jewelry, and it has really begun to capture a lot of interest.

Jennifer Miller has three jewelry stores, one in New York, Palm Beach, and the Hamptons. At her stores, you can find a range of items, from expensive to more affordable. She appeared on NBC’s the Today Show to discuss her jewelry, and since then interest in her business has soared.

At Jennifer Miller’s stores, she seems to deal mostly in feux jewelry, which she claims is ideal for those who travel, and don’t want to risk the loss or damage to their important belongings.

But she does deal in pieces that can be described as “fine jewelry,” with rose cut diamonds and pearls. According to Jennifer Miller’s website, there is something for everyone. Unlike other designers, Jennifer Miller can’t be pinned down to a single style, but has a diverse flavor of items available for purchase.


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WEC 41: Manny Gamburyan Wins on Undercard

on Monday, June 8, 2009

WEC 41: Manny Gamburyan Wins on Undercard of Faber vs. Brown 2

WEC 41 is underway in Sacramento, and everyone is talking about the main event, the Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown rematch. But Manny Gamburyan, the former UFC fighter making his World Extreme Cagefighting debut, won what he hopes will be the first fight on his path to taking on the Faber-Brown winner down the road.

Gamburyan, fighting at 145 pounds after fighting at 155 pounds in all five of his UFC fights, beat John Franchi by unanimous decision (30-27 on all three judges' cards) in a fight that established him as a featherweight to watch -- but that also elicited boos from the crowd for a lack of action.

"This is my new home, guys," Gamburyan said afterward, via Ariel Helwani at Versus. "I'm only going to get better. That's all I can say. I'm only going to get better. The last time I cut to 145 was exactly 10 years ago, so this wasn't easy for me, trust me ... 20 pounds for me was very hard."

Gamburyan, who also said after the fight that he may have suffered a broken hand in the first round, told me before the fight that he expects to fight the Faber vs. Brown 2 winner some day.

"That's what I'm here for," Gamburyan told me. "It's all about getting that belt around my waist. I think if I follow the right path, I can do it."

He still needs to win a few more times before he'll get that chance, but Gamburyan took the first step Sunday night in Sacramento.

- fanhouse

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Idle Hands announce the release of full-length album

The Idle Hands are proud to announce the release of their debut full-length album The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show, due out September 8th on Pretty Kids Collective records.

The Minneapolis band made up of Irish ex-pats and Midwest natives have written an impressive record filled with songs about lust and longing, sordid affairs, brutal regrets, and the after parties that fuel them. Without even so much as trying their engaging first single "Loaded" managed to find itself on local radio, touted as "Song Of The Day" and entered into heavy rotation on the Twin Cities indie/alt leaning NPR station The Current.

The forthcoming release features tracks from the Loaded EP - recorded in L.A. with producer Mark Needham (The Killers, Bloc Party) - and new tracks mixed and produced by Tony Lash (the Dandy Warhols, Elliott Smith) and engineered by the likes of Erik Applewick (Tapes 'n Tapes) and Chad Weiss (Mason Jennings). The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show is akin to a familiar friend that keeps you on your toes, spanning glam, neo-New Wave, and disco with nods to everyone from Berlin-era Bowie to pre-Dig! Dandy's.

So who are The Idle Hands and how did they come to be? As the story goes, Front-man Ciaran and his brother Criostoir (bass) left the Emerald Isle and found themselves in a land of snow, holed up in a studio making music with their friends. The boy/girl/boy/girl/boy line-up is rounded out by Eileen (keys), her traveling companion Emma (guitar), and rhythm setter Nick on the drums. This summer and throughout the rest of 2009 the band is excited to get on the road in support of the forthcoming September 8th release.

- altsounds

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