Young rancher is winner of huge Powerball prize

on Saturday, June 6, 2009

Neal WanlessA 23-year-old Todd County rancher whose family has fallen behind in their taxes and had a mobile home repossessed last year has claimed a $232.1 million Powerball jackpot.

Neal Wanless, who lives on his family's 320-acre ranch near Mission, bought the winning ticket in Winner late last month during a trip to buy livestock feed. He will take home $88.5 million in a lump sum payment after taxes are deducted.

Wanless says his family has been helped by their community and that he "intends to repay that help many times over." He says he plans to continue ranching, albeit on a larger ranch.

Wanless, wearing a black cowboy hat, had a huge grin on his face during the brief presentation ceremony in Pierre.

Lottery officials say he will get his money June 16th. He was given a $100 bill for a lesser prize he won on the same Powerball ticket.



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