Kim Kardashian already engaged?

on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The economic downturn may not be slowing down engagements but financial considerations may mean fewer brides-to-be are sporting a diamond sparkler.

ABC News reports that more couples are opting for budget-conscious options such as cubic zirconia instead of diamonds or a used engagement ring.

As we all know, celebrities do things a bit differently, Kim Kardashian just saving time and stress by shopping for her own engagement ring.

The celebrity socialite is not yet engaged to boyfriend and NFL star Reggie Bush, but does the E! reality star already know what the ring will look like?
Her sister Courtney telling E! News the reality star recently found the perfect diamond engagement ring for "only $20 million."

Kim Kardashian doesn't know when she and Reggie Bush are getting engaged. (It's not like he's going to tell her when he plans to pop the question.)

So, will these eventual nuptials be kaught on kamera? Don't kount on it, Kardashian said.

"Reggie would rather die. He would rather not marry me. He's very private. We're complete opposites."

In other words: Bush would never let his aspiring rapper of a significant other film him having intercourse with her. That's just not how he rolls.


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