David Carradine Suicide in Bangkok

on Friday, June 5, 2009

David Carradine was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room at the age of 72. Media reports indicate that the veteran actor, best known for his roles in "Kung Fu" and the "Kill Bill" movies -- committed suicide.

In a 2004 interview dug up by the Telegraph Newspaper, the 72-year-old actor revealed that he once considered shooting himself, saying: "Look, there was a period in my life when I had a single action Colt 45, loaded, in my desk drawer.

David Carradine and wife Annie Bierman arrive at a 2005 movie premiere in Hollywood. Carradine married five times and had three children, including a son with former girlfriend Barbara Hershey. He also is survived by several stepchildren.

Luis Martinez-AP

And every night I'd take it out and think about blowing my head off, and then decide not to and go on with my life. Put it back in the drawer and open up the laptop and continue writing my autobiography or whatever. But it was just to see."

But there's more -- Carradine, who was also a musician, released a song on his website called Big Mack Truck, about a man who considers ending his life by walking into traffic. Here are some of the lyrics:

Does anyone know where I'm going ... does anyone here really care?

If I walk myself on a highway ... would that big mac truck be there?

Big mack truck .. big mack truck ... bearin' down on me.

Big mack truck on a highway .. oh say can you see ... can you see ... can you see?


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