Kate Gosselin on Bikini

on Friday, June 5, 2009

Kate Gosselin hits the beach again in a new bikini, while husband Jon is nowhere to be seen.

Gosselin, 34, was in the black designer bikini at a North Carolina resort on Tuesday where she, hed kids and bodyguard Steve Neild have been since Memorial Day.

Jon Gosselin was spotted Monday on at ATV at the couple’s house near Reading, Pa.

But on Tuesday, US Weekly reported that Jon had been with his alleged girlfriend on March 28 in Utah, when Kate had her birthday party back East.

New episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” aired on Monday show the couple clearly apart one month before tabloid reports of affairs with other people.

The shows had Jon Gosselin in Park City, Utah when Kate Gosselin was home, while Jon stayed with the kids when Kate went on a book tour to San Diego.

“It looks like it's all about me,” Kate said at the start of the show, but she said that underneath, it “is all about the kids.”

But then Kate complained that Jon wasn't home for her birthday because he decided to stay on the snowboarding slopes at Park City.

Jon justified his decision by saying he went there to help handicapped children, while Kate said she was sad.

However, it turned out that TLC arranged for a trip for Kate and her children to Baltimore to see the cake bakers from “Ace Of Cakes,” another reality series.

The show seemed to set up a format with each parent spending time with their eight children, but apart from each other.

The first footage was apparently shot in late March, at least one month before US Weekly reported Jon's alleged affair with Reading school teacher Deanna Hummel.

Kate Gosselin then went to California on a book tour in April, without Jon.

Many scenes featured the couple on a couch, with one child propped between the couple.

But clearly, the adult Gosselins were leading separate lives before tabloids made their lives "hell," as Kate Gosselin said.



Anonymous said...

Hot mama: Kate Gosselin flaunted her bikini bod while vacationing with her eight kids (and bodyguard Steve Neild) at Bald Head Island, NC, Sunday. (A free tummy tuck was among the many perks the 34-year-old reality star received as a result of shooting the hit TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.)
See more video of Kate Gosselin in a bikini:Kate Gosselin exclusive bikini-video

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